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The 3D-printing dilemma is how to make parts strong while consuming as little material as possible?
A hexagonal structure uses the least material to create a lattice of cells within a given volume. This conjecture by Marcus Terentius Varro in 36 B.C. became a mathematical truth in 1999 when University of Pittsburgh professor Thomas C. Hales proved it.
Bees know that. They 3D-print strong honeycombs with hexagonal cells and minimum amount of wax. So, there was no better name for a company producing metal powder for 3D-printing other than:


Quality micro Powders

Produce Quality Micro Powders of non-reactive metal materials: Stainless Steel, Nickel, Chromium, Moly, Cobalt alloys for the Additive Manufacturing Industry

Bespoke alloys

Produce bespoke alloys, tailored to a customer specific requirements

Low cost continuous process

Combine low cost raw materials with an efficient and continuous production process, dramatically lowering the cost of metal powder, while preserving product quality

Rapid turnaround

Provide customers with product when they need it, where they need it.


will cover an area of the industry that has had relatively less commercial development



Become the global market leader in bespoke metal powder alloys


Dramatically increase the number of alloys available as powder for additive manufacturing


Accelerate the growth and acceptance of metal additive manufacturing through a highly flexible, low cost metal powder production process and business model


Kevin Kemper

Founder & CEO

10+ years of experience in the metal and mining industry including at Rothschild and at Grand River Ironsands in Canada

BA in Economics, University of California, Berkeley

Donald A. Reisenberg


25+ years of finance and accounting experience, former CFO at Hamilton Specialty Bar and Kentucky Electric Steel Corp.

BS Business and Accounting, University of Cincinnati

Gus Hiller

Senior Advisor

35+ years of experience in the steel industry, CEO at Hamilton Specialty Bar, former VP and GM at Nucor in Nebraska and Trinidad, ran melt shop in Indiana

BS Metallurgical Engineering, University of Arizona

Terry B. Hunsicker

Senior Advisor

20+ years experience in metal making, powder metals and plant management Plant manager at Lhoist North America, former director of operations at North American Högänas, Suncoke, AK Steel

BS Materials Science Engineering, CMU

Albert C. To

Senior Advisor

Associate Professor & CNG Faculty Fellow, Director, ANSYS Additive Manufacturing Research Laboratory at the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, University of Pittsburgh

David Smith

Senior Advisor

15+ years as nonprofit/ government executive at Presidio Trust, National Conference on Citizenship, and Mobilize.org
BA in Political Science, University of California, Berkeley